Mimi created 2 albums of solo, keyboard improvisations:


                 N A K E D  & T O T E M







N A K E D is a mellow collection of jazz-influenced pieces that Mimi calls, "Late night

bubble bath music."


T O T E M is a more upbeat collection, with influences from jazz, classical and pop.  

                                        "SEULEMENT LUI" from You Tube ~ re-named JEAN LUC on the album, N A K E D.



SAMPLE REVIEWS (More reviews of the albums are available on CDbaby.com) 


For N A K E D

Lovely and timeless piano music that gets you out of your head but won't interrupt your conversation. Brings to mind old New York or Paris, sophisticated and mellow....perfect with a martini or a good merlot."  



    Lindy Robbins, multi-award-winning songwriter (for Faith Hill, Backstreet Boys, etc.)




For T O T E M 

" Warning: TOTEM, by Mimi Seton, may cause involuntary foot tapping, smiles, or impulse spending on frivolous journeys to intimate holiday destinations: sparkling coves; tiny inns; fireplaces that glow and beguile. Take this music in small doses or you may find yourself laughing at nothing more than falling leaves and kids at play. On the positive side, the tinkling keys of Mimi’s piano may save you costly champagne bills. Two or three swigs of Totem can inebriate. Listener, beware!"


    Karen Lewis, Author of I Married A Munster -- My Life With Al Lewis