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mimi with students in los angeles



actors' and singers' individual coaching sessions 1 h. for MIND SET

          changing your psychology FAST!  

          for confidence, self-esteem, relaxation, presence, trust, cooperation,

          owning your power, centering, GIVING without concern

          about the return!

          155  euros / 90 min   or      3 x 60 min sessions for 305 euros 


2 individual voice lessons -- open to the general public 

        $105 or   75 euros


3  voice healing session --  for damaged voices (including hoarseness and nodes)

        $105   or   85 euros



4  song performance workshops - all genres except opera - call for schedule



5  acting for singers & singing for actors - 60 min. -  lyric & music

          $85   or    65 euros  




the voice & spirituality experience 

        a group workshop for singers interested in using non-sectarian spiritual practices

        to move from Fear To Freedom


7  english conversation, public speaking or/and writing for individuals 

       90 min 90 euros,  60 min 60 euros  + 15 euros/ hour for travel time


       english for business people

       55 euros / hr  including preparation time + 15 euros/hr travel time





Mimi directed the voice recordings for one of my films and it was a joy to watch her. 

She's brilliant at it.  A thorough professional and fun to work with.

~ Ainne Burke, film maker, Dublin (RTE)

J’ai étudié avec Mimi Seton pendant trois ans et de tous les professeur(e)s que j’ai pu rencontrer sur mon parcours, c’est la seule qui a su lier au professionnalisme de son enseignement une profonde humanité, un humour inégalable, la distance nécessaire, l’inspiration, un respect sans faille ainsi qu’une ouverture d’esprit sans pareille. Peu d’entre nous savent transmettre avec autant de ferveur et de bienveillance.»

~Sonia Codhant

Comédienne, metteure en scène, Paris

Watching Mimi’s students lay it on the line in their shows is far better than American Idol. I haven't been so moved in Theatre for years. This is 'the Real Thing!'

~Bill Ratner, Voice Actor, ABC TV 


 Mimi is an amazing person who teaches from her heart and soul. She encourages

 risk-taking in the most comfortable environment. She is a true healer!

~ David Rapaport, Kroeger Rapaport Casting, Los Angeles


Watching Mimi Seton’s students perform blew me away…A great night in theatre~ fun, professional and stylish.

~  Fred Rubin, Writer-Producer of 15 network series, Los Angeles


Working with Mimi is a magical process that brings the singer closer to his soul, and as a result, deeper into the music.

~  Matthew Gonder ~  Singer at Pierre Cardin’s club:  Maxim’s, Paris


Mimi Seton: performance coach extraordinaire. . . .Mimi uses her NLP and psychology training  to help you get to the heart and soul of what singing  is all about.

~M.B.Gordy~ percussionist, Doobie Bros, Rita Coolidge Group etc.


Mimi's great kindness and superior intelligence make her a thoughtful and patient facilitator.  She helped me prepare an important speech I was doing at an event with a number of the world's best-known New Thought leaders and authors, all great communicators, so I wanted to make sure my work was excellent.

~Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of the NY Times best-seller,

Conscious Uncoupling


Mimi Seton embodies the best of all worlds: a talented composer, producer and performer whose work and creative journey continues to proliferate but she still finds time to nurture other talent as well.  You literally amaze me with your generosity, joy and spirit!

~ Roxanne Mayweather, Singer - Highway61revisited


Mimi really helped me learn how to ACT a song.  She taught me subtext and performance ~ skills that are invaluable and make each song personal and unique to the performer

~ Ann LeSchander – Singer


I really enjoyed the class. You taught me so much about performing, it has completely changed me! Thank you!

~ Christina Davis, UCLA Extension Dept of Entertainment

"I didn't know if I had any talent or if someone could teach me to act when I called Mimi. She was so encouraging and clear about what I needed to learn that I felt maybe acting was something I really could do.   She coached my audition for the GAITY SCHOOL OF ACTING in Dublin.  I was accepted ~ so I figure she knows what she's doing!   It was a lot of fun working with her."

~  Maura D., student in NYC

I first met Mimi in Ireland at the time she worked for Trinity College Dublin (late '90s).  I needed a really versatile voice actor to play the lead character and several smaller roles in an animated series for TV.   Mimi was truly dynamic.  The producers loved her so much that they hired her to be the voice director for the series!   "Norman Normal".


I found Mimi herself to be inspiring--both dedicated and efficient in getting the job done. Hiring her sped up the project and delivered higher quality overall.  She was able to suggest edits on the scripts that vastly improved them.


Personally, I loved working with her and learned so much from her. She is a divine muse ~

and has a wealth of insights, experiences, and skills to bring finesse to any creative project.  


Mimi is not only musical but poetic, not only a leader but a team player.


-- John O'Shaugnessy, Studio owner /audio producer.  Formerly of Galway, Ireland





testimonials for Mimi as a voice coach and director...
public speaking coaching -- for executives and politicians
 4 hours, in person or on skype:   200 euros

"Mimi Seton carries a city with her, a cultured location where sound is the center of sense.  Miraculously enough, she can help you make yourself a more sensitive instrument for the euphonious playing we all need. I say: join her." 


~ Darrell Larsen, Director, teacher at NY Film Academy

Angela Paton, Mimi, Darrell Larson
O-Lan Jones and Jessica Rao (L-R)
 at the reading - with - music of Mimi and Matthew       Goldsby's satire on cosmetic surgery:
BODY WITHOUT  BONES at Skylight Theatre, 2015

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I met Mimi Seton in Los Angeles some years ago when I was cast in her musical, Blue Corridor. Her show was an amazing, eclectic, challenging, and soul-soothing journey. The music was divine and the words inspiring - - one of my favorite shows ever.


We reconnected a few months ago in New York. Not only is she still writing and composing beautiful work, but  I also found out she is a skilled painter and photographer as well.  She's AWESOME!

-- Michele Mais, Broadway singer


   Watch Michele Mais singing, "I Got The Music In Me" here:

Singer and record producer, Kary Sit, performing in Mimi's voice class's show,  with bass player, Chazz Frichtel from Michael Mc Donald's band

paris location:  (+33) 6. 89. 04. 99. 87 

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