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     Early career -- Bay area:

After graduating from Antioch College (Ohio) with a BA in Theatre,  and from Drama Studio, London with a diploma with honors in Acting, Mimi won her first professional audition at  BERKELEY REPERTORY THEATRE.     


For the next 5 years,  she acted  in many Bay Area theatres, regional theatres, street theatre, commercials, industrials and voice-overs, winning two broadcasting awards for public service announcing.  


Her favourite work was with R.G.Davis, founder of the SF MIME TROUPE and EPIC WEST.  Davis introduced Mimi to the plays of Bertolt Brecht and his composers (Kurt Weill, Hans Eisler and Paul Dessau) .  These people marked her own work when she became a composer and lyricist in the 1980s.


She also hosted  her own interview show on PACIFICA RADIO .

    1st move to Los Angeles:


After moving to LA in the 80s with  her  then-husband,  TV show runner,  Nicholas Stein, Mimi was cast in an award-winning production of SCWEYK IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR, directed by Tony Abatemarco.


Next she played Cecily Pigeon (across from Nancy Lenehan)  in a national tour of, THE ODD COUPLE, starring Sherman Hemsley from TV's, The Jeffersons.

Back in L.A., she studied improvisation at THE GROUNDLINGS and joined BREW HA HA -- an improv company latterly directed by "the mother of improvisation", Viola Spolin.  


Shelley Du Val and Eric Eidle chose the company to play the supporting parts in Showtime TV's FAERIETALE THEATRE. 

Mimi was a writer-performer-teacher for MARK TAPER FORM's IMPROVISATIONAL THEATRE PROJECT for 2 seasons, working with producer, Phillip Himberg, directors, Jack Bender (The Sopranos)  and Peter Brocius. and fellow actors: Forest Whitaker, Larry Wilmore, Michael Arabian, Laura Fanning, Victoria Lewis, Socorro Valdez, William Hunt, and other gifted people.


Next,  she co-created the long-running acapella musical, BRAIN HOTEL with  Tony Abatemarco, Mark Bringleson, Bill Castellino and

Jane Shulman.  The show won a number of press awards, including the NEW DIRECTIONS IN THEATRE AWARD, created especially for Brain Hotel by the LA WEEKLY --- to honor exceptional originality in Theatre.

After that, she conceived and composed WAZO WAZO and  SEE BELOW MIDDLE SEA (starring B.D. Wong) ~ 2 non-verbal choral pieces, produced by the LA Theatre Works and  Mark Taper Forum's Taper, respectively.


She also acted in Joanne Akalaitus's GREEN CARD at Mark Taper Forum with an outstanding cast:  Alma Martinez, Costulo Gavras,

Jessie Nelson, Raye Birk, Rosalind Chao, Jorge Gaban, Jessie Borrego, etc. -- and she  garnered  BEST ACTING awards from LA Weekly and DRAMA LOGUE for her performance in  John O'Keefe's  play, GHOSTS, at the  Burbage Theatre.


Mimi created  an ARTS PROGRAM  FOR ABUSED CHILDREN  at Mac Claren Hall School in partnership with their teacher, also a theatre artist,  Alistair Hunter.  Thanks to Susan Lowenberg and Sarah Maltsby, producers of LA THEATRE WORKS, she later received  grants from the CALIFORNIA ARTS COUNCIL and the project grew to include other artist-teachers and to be offered in a number of high security camps for teenaged felons.












       Bonjour,  Paris!


In the late '80s , Mimi moved to Paris for the first time, where she directed and acted in plays and voice-overs in French and English . She also taught acting and singing at the University of Paris Jussieu for 3 years and improvisation at Ecole Merouze acting school.

After performing a solo piece by Wallace Shawn, THE FEVER, in London and Paris (directed by Eve Pearce whom Mimi met when she was  with the Royal Shakespeare Co), Mimi gave up acting in favor of writing, music and teaching.


















         2nd move to  L.A.:


Mimi returned from France in '92, when director, Mark Bringleson, created a show using a number of Mimi's texts and songs,  BLUE CORRIDOR.  It gleaned  rave reviews at the new Los Angeles Playwrights' Arena, produced by Jon Lawrence Rivera.  A second version was co-produced by Jon and  Ron Sossi at The Odyssey Theatre.


In 1993, Mimi was commissioned  to create lyrics from Jean Paul Sartre's translation of THE TROJAN WOMEN as well as music for the chorus. The show starred Mariette Hartley and Angela Paton and was directed by Michael Arabian.  

Michael and Mimi won OVATION AWARD nominations for 'BEST ADAPTATION'.



         3+ years in "Dear 'ole dirty Dublin":

Mimi moved to Dublin in 1996.  She found work teaching at Kevin McHugh's Dublin School of Acting and soon after,  was hired by Trinity College Dublin.


By the end of four years in Ireland, she had taught at University College Dublin MA in Theatre program,  The National Theatre of Irelnd, etc.


She also started writing her satire on cosmetic surgery, BODY WITHOUT BONES, building the piece with former members of the Marcel Marceau Company.



Mimi  directed a number of voice recordings for Film and TV  and did many voice overs as an actress, including a guide track for Helen Hunt in an animation directed by John Stevenson (of The Hensen Co.)

She composed music for director Lilly Susan Todd's GOOD PERSON OF SEZUAN at Samuel Beckett Centre, performed by the graduating class from the Acting Track of Trinity College Dublin and both composed and choreographed their end-of-year-show at The Abbey Theatre.

          3rd move to L.A.:


From 2000 - 2007, Mimi ran her own vocal program in Song Performance:  VOICE MADE VISIBLE.  

Class and show accompanists:  Louis Durra, Rich Eames,  Nicholas Fryman, Matt Gordy, MB Gordy, Chazz Frichtel.


Mimi wrote and composed  a 3 Act Musical, THE ABDUCTION OF LADY WEN CHI in 2012 with input from Lee Breuer,  one of the most visionary writer-directors in American Theatre.   Excerpts from the first version were performed at  the Japanese American National Museum  starring Jennifer Paz (of Broadway's MISS SAIGON) and Orville Mendoza,  produced by Judy Soo Hoo with East West Players.  Another reading was done at the LA Theatre Center starrring June Angela of Broadway's Shogun.


















               5 years in South of France & NYC:


From 2007-09 Mimi studied devotional HINDUSTANI CHANT with master singer and tabla player, Sri Hanuman

Back in NYC she studied  playwriting with LEE BREUER at The Flea Theatre,  and taught Voice and Singing out of Pearl Studios in midtown Manhattan.

Her spring-winter love story between a wealthy white recording artist and a working class, Hispanic truck-driver, CONVERSATIONS WITH THE WATER MAN ,   was presented at The Actors Studio, NYC directed by Darrell Larsen, and again in 2015, directed by Mimi at The Altadena Library in L.A.



               4th move to L.A.:


Mimi produced a reading series of several of her plays at Altadena Library.  Actors included: Laurie O'Brien,

Matias Ponce, Jan Munroe, Melinna Bobadilla, Joseph Casorla, Anna Mathias and Lily Knight.  


BODY WITHOUT BONES, her  satire on plastic surgery with music composed by Matthew Goldsby was given a reading with songs at Skylight Theatre in the spring of 2015.  It starred John Allee, O-Lan Jones, Anna Mathias and Jessica Rao.  Directed by Julianne Just.  


A musical work - in - progress, THE MUSIC MEDICINE SHOW (excerpt) was performed at STUDIO STAGE THEATRE in L.A. in April 2015. with singers Marianne Lewis, Roxanne Mayweather, Natalie Fryman,  Kerry Keiko Carnahan, Tony Gonzalez, Cade Parenti, Chris Acuff and T.K. Krupa.  Keyboards: Nick Fryman and Mimi.  Perc: MB Gordy.

























Equity Reading ~ July 2015 at Altadena Library, Altadena CA

With Mimi Seton and Richard Casorla


An elderly survivor of the London Bliz dies of cancer in a Connecticut retirement home.  This play is a journey

through her inner landscape of morphine dreams, memories of betrayal and the struggle to reconcile her life choices.




Equity READING ~ 2015, Altadena Library, Altadena CA, dir by Mimi

Equity READING ~ 2011, The Actors' Studio, NYC dir by Darrell Larsen

With Laurie O'Brien and Melinna Theatrina

A spring - autumn love story that challenges boundaries of race, class and culture




Equity READING ~ Aug. 2015, The Culture Project NYC

With Mimi Lieber and June Gable, directed by Mimi


Equity READING ~ Nov. 2015 at Altadena Library, Altadena CA

With Anna Mathias and Lily Knight, directed by Mimi


Two best friends from college, both humorous New Yorkers now over 60, reunite to lend each other a hand in a tough time for each of them.  


BODY WITHOUT BONES ~ c. 2014 Revised April 2015


With John Allee, O-Lan Jones, Anna Mathias and Jessica Rao

Directed by Julianne Just


A satire of cosmetic surgery stylistically bordering on the Grand Guignol.  Written by Seton and composed by Matthew Goldsby (with melodies by Seton)


* The first version of this play was developed in Dublin in 2000 with members of the Marcel Marceau Company. 

THE ABDUCTION OF LADY WEN CHI ~ c. 2006  ~  revised 2011-15

A 3-Act "Theatre Concert" requiring 10 gifted actor-singers and 4 musicians

The story follows the privileged daughter of a Chinese scholar-statesman who was kidnapped by Mongol invaders at the end of the Han Dynasty.  She lived among them in the desert for 12 years and had 2 sons by the tribal chief, before

being rescued by a Chinese ransom party. 


Presented as a reading with songs  by the Japanese American National Museum working with East West Players.

Special Events Series.  Featured Jennifer Paz (star of MISS SAIGON) in the title role.  


PRIVATE READING: Los Angeles Theatre Center. Starring June Angela (Tony nominee for Broadway's SHOGUN) 

GOOD PERSON OF SEZUAN ~   2000, Dublin

Samuel Beckett Center, Dublin. Directed  by Lilly Susan Todd. 

Commission ~ composer, music director and accompanist.


TROJAN WOMEN ~ 1993 ~ Insite Productions CBS TV- LOT   

Starring Mariette Hartley and Angela Paton. Directed by Michael Arabian. Commission.  Mimi adapted the Jean Paul Sartre translation into contemporary lyrics and composed the vocal music for the chorus. 

She received an LA Ovation Award nomination for Best Adaptation.


HOME FOR CHRISTMAS~ 1995, Pasadena Playhouse.

Commission. Directed by Bill Castellino.  Mimi wrote lyrics and music for the show’s opening number.


BLUE CORRIDOR ~1993, Los Angeles Playwright’s Arena

Produced by Jon Rivera, directed by Mark Bringleson who compiled songs and writings of Mimi Seton into a new show.  Mimi won the Best Music Award from Drama Logue.


SEE BELOW MIDDLE SEA ~ 1987, Mark Taper Forum’s Taper, Too.

Starring B.D. Wong.  Multi-media piece uniting non-verbal operatic singing, photography, and modern dance to look at the issue of sound pollution.  Seton ~ writer-composer and director.


SIR VIVAL’S SWEEPSTAKES ~ 1986, Mark Taper Forum.

A musical originated for Jacques D’Amboise Dance Program, featuring 120 children from the LA Unified School District.  Seton was one of 4 artists who co-wrote and co-directed the event. Tony Abatemarco was the artistic director, and

John Ritter starred in her segment.


SUPPERMAN ~ 1985, commissioned by The Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry.

 An educational play for youths, on the subject of Nutrition


WAZO WAZO ~ 1984.  Produced by LA Theatre Works with Rene Auberjonois

A non-verbal opera, accompanied by Don Preston, synthesizer player for Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention. 

Directed by Tony Abatemarco.   Mimi Seton:  Creator-Composer.  Production Awards ~ LA Weekly and DramaLogue


SCHOOL TALK ~ 1982, Mark Taper Forum’s Improvisational Theatre Project

A musical for teens created by the cast, including Forest Whitaker, Bill Hunt,

Socorro Valdez and Mimi Seton.  Music by Jeff Hull with additional song by Seton.


BRAIN HOTEL ~ 1980-83 Odyssey Theatre Poets In Performance Series; Cast Theatre; Olympic Arts Festival.  

Seton was co-writer-composer and one of 2 actress-singers in the piece. 

Best Actress and Best Writer Awards from both LA Weekly and Drama Logue.



Theatre of Man, San Francisco. Co-creator, singer.  Created by the cast.  Dramaturg: Susan Lyne 









Private Writers' and Actors' Coach, Online 2020/2021


Voice and English Conversation Coach, Paris, 2018


Private Acting and Voice coach, LA 2014-2015

Voice, Singing and Acting coach,  Pearl Studios, NYC  2010-13


Dramatic Writing Workshop at Screen Actors Guild (SAG) NYC  2012/13


Private voice and singing coach, Nice, France 2007-9  


Political Songwriting  workshop - facilitator at USC  2006



VOICE MADE VISIBL - creator and teacher of singing performance,  Los Angeles 2002-2007


UCLA Extension -- Finding Your Voice  2004- 7


Studio Group Theatre, L.A. -- Voice For The Actor;  Vocal Characterization  2006


Lee Strassberg Studios (summer program substitute teacher only) Accent Reduction for foreign students 2002


Trinity College Dublin BA in Theatre Programme -- Singing;  Monologue Preparation (Auditioning) 1997-2000


University College Dublin MA in Theatre program -- Voice for the Actor  (substituting for Kevin Crawford) 1998


Dublin School of Acting -- Acting (The Actioning System);  Singing Technique  1997 - 2000


The Arts Initiative of Dundalk, Northern Ireland -- Voice for the Actor  1998 - 2000


Allihies Language Center, Co. Cork, Ireland -- Singing (students from Paris Conservatory of Music)  1993 and 1997


University of Paris, Jussieu -- Acting, Voice, Singing,  Improvisation  1990 - 93


Atlantique TV Productions--  Paris. Accent Reduction coach for French actors on TV in English speaking roles  1992


Ecole Merouze Professional Acting School, Paris -- Improvisation for Actors  1990 - 92


Stages Tri-lingual Theatre, Los Angeles  --  Experimental Voice workshops 1986


Mark Taper Forum’s Improvisational Theatre Project  (teaching workshops in high schools in Theatre Techniques)  1982 - 5


The Learning Tree, L.A. --  Theatre Techniques (Acting, Directing)  1982 















         Voice-over actor, director, producer - highlights:



Cartoon voices: DISNEY, DIC, HANNA BARBERA (Los Angeles); ANTENNE DEUX (Paris), MAGMA FILMS Galway, etc.

Title roles in 2 European animated series:  KIMBO and the long-running German cartoon, VIKI THE VIKING.  

Director - animated series, NORMAN NORMAL (Magma Films Galway) 


Director - episodes of FLIPPER (Magma Films, Galway)


Commercials - Clorox, Banque de France, Datsun, Guinness, Dior, Lancome, Orlane, Phyto Laboratoire, etc.

Educational tapes -- Hachète Publishers, Paris (and many others)

Public service announcing --  Bay Area Water Conservation; Planned Parenthood; Medecins Sans Frontieres, etc.

Industrials -- Renault, Universal Studios, Jane Fonda's Workout, etc.

Guide tracks --  Helen Hunt (dir by John Stevenson) and Kathy Bates (for Wendy Apple's film,  FINAL CUT)

Film dubbing --  the voices of Catherine Deneuve, Marie Christine Barrault etc.


V.O. for TV:  






Mimi was the female announcer for PLAYBOY TV  in 1986.   




                                                             awards and grants






Best Acting, GHOSTS, LA Weekly

Best Acting, GHOSTS, Drama-Logue

Best Music, Best Production, BLUE CORRIDOR,  Drama-Logue

Best Adaptation, TROJAN WOMEN, LA Ovation Award nominee

Best Music,  WAZO WAZO, LA Weekly  (also won production awards)

Best Writing, BRAIN HOTEL, LA Weekly

Best Writing, BRAIN HOTEL, Drama-Logue

Best Acting, BRAIN HOTEL, LA Weekly

Best Acting, BRAIN HOTEL, Drama-Logue


an  award created by the paper to honor BRAIN HOTEL’s  exceptional originality

Rockefeller Grant for Music Composition, 1986, through LA Theatre Works

3 California Arts Council grants for Artists in Social Institutions,  through LA Theatre Works

































BA Theatre Arts - Antioch College Ohio

Diploma with Honors in Acting -  The Drama Studio, London

Leider singing - Lillian Loren, Berkeley CA

MA in Psychological Counseling (in process) Pacifica Grad. Institute

Ph.D. in Integrated Healing (in process) Barron University, L.A.

Composing for Film: UCLA Ext,

Composing for Theatre:  Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, BMI (by audition), NYC

Playwriting:  Marie Irene Fornes, Theatre for the New City, NYC

Playwriting:  Lee Breuer, The Moth Theatre, NYC

Voice Production:    Nika  Kossenkova ~ Moscow Experimental Opera (Paris workshops)

Voice and Feldenkrais:    Francois Combeau of  La Voix Vocale, Paris (workshops in Dublin)

Ear training:  Centre Tomatis, Paris

Pop and Theatre Singing:  Seth Riggs, Los Angeles 

South Indian Singing: The New School, NYC

History of Jazz:   The New School, NYC

Hindustani devotional chant:  Master Sri Hanuman, Nice, France

Jazz Harmony and Jazz Rhythm:  Dick Grove School of Jazz

Acting:  Paul Richards and John Argue, Berkeley CA

Improvisation for the actor: The Groundlings, L.A.

License:  NLP practitioner (NLP is a solutions-based therapy, the brainchild of Cognitive Therapy)  






Mimi has 3 albums for sale on  N A K E D and T O T E M are solo piano improvisations, generally in the JAZZ genre, and THE BRIDGE OF ETHERS, an album of Indian-influenced chant for use in yoga classes.
education highlights
Mimi w_ Harmnium  2013.jpg

Original cast and crew of BLUE CORRIDOR at PLAYWRIGHTS' ARENA, produced by

Jon Lawrence Rivera, Created and directed by Mark Bringleson

Voice Made Visible students in L.A. -- from Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Japan, USA, and Iran.  (With Mimi on the left)

Cartoon Voices demo - Mimi Seton
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Commercial Voice Demo - Mimi Seton
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Totem ...  piano improvisations by mimi seton

Cover painting by Fu Ding Cheng, Liquid Light Productions, Venice, CA