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supportive  coaching for actors, singers & public speakers of all kinds

   This site introduces you to Mimi's work with performers.

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       What do we do together?

       * Hone your SKILLS in your chosen craft 

       * Build your CONFIDENCE

       * Develop your PRESENCE and AUTHENTICITY 

       * Learn how to work with ENERGY 

       * Focus your VALUES as a communicator



      Who Works With Mimi?

     * Acting & Stage Craft -- for actors in theatre, film and TV

     * Singing and Song Performance  -- for singers of all kinds

     * Public Speaking -- for business executives, lawyers, teachers, etc. 

    *  Voice & Spirituality - for everyone interested in freeing your voice 

        through non-sectarian "spiritual" practices such as visualization

    * Unblocking Your Creative Flow  -- for everyone! 




Coaching Tommie Thompson in NYC

a singer in  Broadway's, The Wiz


Workshops & Classes

are temporarily suspended

as of 2020 due to Covid-19 but individual sessions are available online -- and Mimi is preparing both video and audio courses -- News on those soon!

Who is Mimi Seton? 
Mimi is a multi-pronged artist and teacher who comes from a background in Theatre, Music and Psychology.
As an actor onstage, she played over 50 roles in Europe and the USA.  As a voice actor she did over 2000 recordings.
As a writer-composer, she created a dozen original works for the stage, as well as creating on commission.
Mimi has mentored actors, singers, business executives,  inspirational speakers, authors, teachers and others for over 35 years, teaching a range of courses from IMPROVISATION FOR THE ACTOR to SONG PERFORMANCE and MIND-BODY INTEGRATION.
Mimi has taught in several top universities and schools, as we as in arts collectives, unions, prisons, etc.  (see c.v.)
As someone with a particular interest in vocal expression, from 2000-2007 she directed her own Song Performance program in LA called, Voice Made Visible.   That work is now integrated into MS Coaching Services online.
A published playwright, essayist and poet,  Mimi's primary focus as of 2020 is working with writers online --  
editing, copy editing and ghost writing
She created and is editor of a book series called THE DISTANCE PROJECT (published by Lulu) in which creative writers from around the world respond to Covid-19 And Changing Times.  See:
Mimi also continues to work with actors and singers in individual coaching sessions on SKYPE, ZOOM and WHATSApp.

     1 - Acting & Public Speaking


         mind set and skill set






         stage craft - mind/body integration


         being fully present

         honing your text  

         authenticity - speaking from your heart


         the use of silence






   2 -  SINGING
  and Song Performance
   for professional singers & talented
    Sensory Awareness
    Knowing the story you're telling
    Less is More!
    Mindfulness and presence 
    Working With Images to stimulate intuition
    Play active verbs  - don't play feelings
    Allowing rather than pushing
Broadway dancer Karine Plantadit's very first time singing. in public -- in a workshop with Mimi in Manhattan, NYC
 "the forest of morois"
   lyrics and music by mimi             
   vocals: mimi  & olivier constantin  
   recorded by alain schneider
   paris, france    

De tous les professeur(e)s que j’ai pu rencontrer sur mon parcours, c’est la seule qui a su lier au professionnalisme de son enseignement une profonde humanité, un humour inégalable, la distance nécessaire, l’inspiration, un respect sans faille ainsi qu’une ouverture d’esprit sans pareille. Peu d’entre nous savent transmettre avec autant de ferveur et de bienveillance.»

~ Sonia Codhant, metteur en scene, Paris

student of Mimi's at U. of Paris Jussieu


Mimi Seton's work is eloquent, trenchant, insightful, and always maintains a daring sense of immediacy.

~ Edwin Gerard

Dean of the International School Program,

Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles

Mimi's years as a stellar artist and artists' coach have served to foster a deep empathy with other human beings. That combined with her superior intelligence and keen intuition make her an exceptionally gifted coach. It is rare to find all of her qualities in one person.

~ Katherine Woodward Thomas 

NY Times bestselling author of Conscious Uncoupling

Mimi teaches from her heart and soul, creating a safe place for  students to take risks and surprise themselves.  I witnessed some truly remarkable transformations in her class, including my own!

~ David Rappaport, Rappaport Casting, Hollywood

Mimi has a keen perception for each person's needs, and a vast range of knowledge and techniques to address them. Her coaching is gentle, supportive and very much in the creative spirit.  

~Henry Aronson 

Broadway Conductor and Music Director

 Mimi Seton is more than a good teacher; she's a master teacher...what we call, "a sensei".

~ Kary Sit, Record producer, Japan & US





              Private coaching sessions are available on Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp


                       Current Tel Europe: +33 6 89 04 99 87  

                                                 Tel USA . 646 991 6290  on occasion during the summer months



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